We guide & coach people new to day trading.

Our goal is to remove every barrier to learn to day trade

We have

  • Systems already set up to learn to trade
  • A proven learning platform to quickly get you started in a way that protects your capital
  • A proven 'trading system' to learn to be able to execute and exit trades 
  • Way of providing funding if you have limited resources



20% Theory




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We want to work with New or Experienced Traders who are No. 1 - Committed, No. 2 - Coachable & No. 3 - Have Courage

Make Trading Fun & Safe


This whole industry has the following stats:-

  • 90% of New Traders,
  • Lose 90% of their Capital in,
  • In the 1st 90 days of trading

We have proven this does not have to be you.

You Need to be Exceptionally Gifted

We are not rocket scientists and neither are our clients.

We have learnt from others.

We have distilled our learning to be able to offer the best of the best of the best.

Qualities for success are being committed, being open to being coached and the courage to take action.

You Need lots of Capital to Day Trade

Can you raise at least $1000 capital to trade?

If so, we can show you how to risk adversely grow this capital.

We also started with limited funds so we know what it is like to be in this position.

Trading is Really Complicated

Trading can be very complex.

 Some of the best minds on the planet have come up with some very sophisticated systems.

We howeve,r have taken tried, tested and proven methods and made them simple to both learn and put directly into practice.

RISK DISCLAIMER: Trading in futures and forex carries substantial risks and is not for all investors. An investor could potentially lose all or more of their initial investment. Venture Capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing a person's financial security or lifestyle. Only venture capital should be used for trading, and only those with sufficient venture capital should consider trading the financial markets. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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